The greatest wealth is health. ~ Virgil

Ava has practiced traditional naturopathy, clinical herbalism, and holistic nutrition in one form or another, for over 25-years. What was once a youthful curiosity has now blossomed into a lifelong passion. She feels a definite sense of purpose to share her knowledge with others. 

When she was just a teenager in high school, she began treating her own health concerns and helping friends and family with theirs. She now manages a private practice in Carmel, Indiana called Root Cause Naturopathy. 

After attending Indiana University in 1998, Ava studied to become a traditional naturopathic doctor through Clayton College of Natural Health. 

Ava is also the founder of Rockwell Naturopath & Herbalist School, which offers more choices in natural health education, and provides students with the knowledge they need to practice safely, credibly, and effectively.

Rockwell Naturopath & Herbalist School’s curriculum remains unmatched in the field of alternative health education. For more information, you can visit Rockwell Naturopath & Herbalist School here.


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