F.A.Q. or Frequently Asked Questions…

New Patient Forms

The following forms are needed within 72-hours of your appointment:

  • RCN New Client Intake Forms
  • RCN NAQ (Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire)
  • RCN TN Mental Health / Psychiatric Questionnaire
  • RCN TN Allergy Questionnaire
  • Patient Quiz for Digestion
  • RCN Relationship Questionnaire
  • RCN Personality Plus Test

Feel free to download the additional handouts. Thank you!

Where is Root Cause Naturopathy located for in-office visits?

Root Cause Naturopathy is located in The Village of WestClay, at 12821 E. New Market St., Suite 303B in Carmel, IN 46032.

How long should your first appointment be?

That is a good question! It depends!

I usually suggest about 15-minutes for each issue or concern you wish to address. Any topics not covered in your allotted time can be addressed at your next appointment. The maximum appointment time is 2-hours.

For first time patients, it is best to schedule 45-90 minutes at a minimum. Please keep in mind that I will spend at least one to three hours on your case before your first visit, so please be sure to provide all new patient forms and labs within 72-hours of your first appointment. Thank you in advance!

When reserving your appointment, how do you select in-office, telephone, Facetime, or Skype?

Please specify your preference in the ‘Add Note’ box just below the ‘Book It’ button when reserving your appointment. You will see this after you choose your appointment time length, and choose our date and time.

How can you send lab work and test results from the last 6-months?

Copies of lab work up to 6-months old may be scanned with a smartphone app and then emailed to ava@rootcausenaturopathy.com with your last name, first name, and the word LABS in the subject line. It should look something like this: ROCKWELL, AVA: LABS.

Where can you send hardcopies of your labs?

Please send lab work and test results to the following:

  • Root Cause Naturopathy,
  • c/o Ava Rockwell
  • 12821 E. New Market St.,
  • Carmel, IN 46032
  • USA
Do you have to fill out ALL of the New Patient Forms?

Anything on the New Patient forms that do not apply to you can simply be ignored to save you time. The optional personality tests are not required but can provide me with great insight into your unique communication style so I can better serve you.

What is the cancellation/reschedule policy?

Please Note: I require a 48-hour cancellation notice for a full refund otherwise, there is a $36 fee for each appointment hour reserved. For example, a 2-hour appointment would cost $72 if not canceled at least 48-hours in advance.


I am not a medical doctor. I am a traditional naturopathic doctor, clinical herbalist, and holistic nutritionist.


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